Los Angeles County Metro Small Business - Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles County Metro Small Business Utilization Assessment - Los Angeles, CA

LACMTA faced challenges in their efforts to increase contract participation by small business enterprises, commonly referred to as SBEs. The current administration recognized a need to lend priority to initiatives to engage and include SBEs.

Olivier provided consultant services to assess the Small Business Utilization Program in its current state to develop innovative methods of informing the public about the programs beyond a traditional web-site approach; and assisting revamping the program. Olivier deliverables included developing a Small Business Boot Camp and workshop training modules; compare the numbers of certifications at Metro with local peer agencies; Create a methodology and track and compare event attendees to actual certifications and SB Prime applications; and create a means to track outcomes of firms that are beneficiaries of the Mentor/Protégé Program at Metro.

Olivier executed this assessment by collecting data through interviewing LACMTA personnel; reviewing online outreach tools and features; attending and observing LACMTA hosted outreach events; testing the LACMTA Vendor Portal; surveying a sample of 500 LACMTA vendors using Qualtrics; and conducting one-on-one interviews with SBE vendors. A report was compiled of our teams’ findings along with recommendations to improve the program. All deliverables were met.