Who We Are

Our Vision

Olivier Incorporated’s capabilities establish its distinct market position that will propel the organization forward in becoming the industry preferred resource for project control services. We will strive to consistently expand into new industries, holding quality paramount. Olivier Incorporated will capitalize on its performance, professional talent, and industry allies to foster business-to-business relationships, aggrandize services, and strategically grow into a national organization. Its internal and external stakeholders will take pride in partnering with an organization that exemplifies professionalism, expertise, diversity, integrity, and accountability.

Our Mission

Olivier Incorporated provides superior project solutions inclusive of project controls, staff augmentation, administrative support, and management strategies to industry partners that add value to programs, projects, and professional endeavors. We afford professional opportunities to people seeking developmental career paths and an opportunity to demonstrate competency. Our commitment to embodying professional standards cultivate high performing individuals that are knowledgeable, principled, and precise in all tasks. Olivier Incorporated exceeds client expectations through empowered people guided by shared values underpinning the Olivier Incorporated brand as the project controls resource in served industries.

Our Values

Values are both the foundation and heart of Olivier Inc.'s success story.

Accountability Excellent client satisfaction is a non-negotiable standard. Performance standards are uniquely established at the onset of each project and measured throughout the duration of the performance period. Performance issues are immediately mitigated. Olivier is as accountable as each member of our firm.

Trust Olivier understands the importance as well as the responsibility of earning and maintaining the trust of our business partners and team members. Striving for excellence by investing time, resources, and human capital in our contracts and clients.

Integrity We are a bit old-fashioned when it comes to integrity, as we genuinely believe you can do the right thing the right way, and be respected and successful in the process. Olivier's work ethics embodies professionalism, appearance, dedication, and successfully executed projects.

Teamwork Teamwork is required. Olivier team members work together, communicate effectively, support the team and the project, anticipate demands, and coordinate efforts cohesively.

Diversity Good ideas and innovations do not come from everyone thinking the same with similar approaches. A team’s strength and potential to achieve extraordinary results is largely based on its composition.

Employee Training Personal and professional growth is are pivotal in retaining capable personnel. We encourage and subsidize the continuing professional development of each employee, believing the investment pays for itself many times over in employee morale, productivity, and contributions to team effectiveness.

Multiple disciplines We build teams with the skill sets necessary to achieve project requirements and we cross-train employees and partners for maximum flexibility and optimal performances.

Leadership We expect our employees to have a sincere interest in the client’s projects, as well as a real desire to help our clients and partners. Each member of the team must take personal responsibility and be committed to the success of the team and project, and take initiative and be willing to lend a hand as needed to perform within scope, schedule, and budget expectations.

Balance In our perpetual pursuit of excellence, we also value an absolute requirement for balance. We strive to work smart, minimize unnecessary overtime, and get employees home to spend time with family. Healthy team members are dependable, happy resources that are more likely to make positive contributions in the workplace and community.

M/W/S/DBE Firm

The firm is certified through NCTRCA and various other states as an M/W/S/DBE firm. Although we are proud of our M/W/S/DBE status, our attitude is centered on delivering quality services first and foremost.