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Our employees contribute to a portfolio of work that includes some of most innovative and complex projects ranging from transportation and municipality infrastructure sectors. These signature projects are what makes Olivier, Inc. such a rewarding place to work.

If you value a culture that encourages innovation, challenges that stretch your current capacity, and a team approach to problem-solving, then you’ll want to explore the opportunities at Olivier, Inc. Come join our talented team of project managers, construction managers, and project controls experts.

  • Document Control Specialist

  • Full Time Job

Document Control Specialist

As a Document Control Specialist with Olivier Inc., you will work directly with one of our valued clients. The expectation is that you provide technical expertise within the capacity of an experienced authority on your job titled subject matter. Olivier Inc. will provide all the necessary equipment needed to effectively perform your scope of work (computer, phone, etcetera).

Principal Accountablilities

  • Reviews client specs for managing each project document control related requirements.
  • Follows Project Execution Plan (PEP) standard procedures for maintaining document control over project documents when not specified by the client.
  • Prioritizes, organizes and maintains an electronic filing system to handle incoming and outgoing drawings and other project-related documents.
  • Generates and maintains document transmittal forms for outgoing project-related documents in accordance with required client specs.
  • Maintains electronic drawing file records for documents being submitted for approval, construction and As-Built.
  • Reads and understands drawings, quality control documents, and client comments to determine documentation and project expediting requirements for proper distribution.
  • Distributes and receives documents to and from sub-suppliers.
  • Expedites customer approval drawings and documentation to maintain schedules.
  • Creates project data-books per client spec, (when applicable) and ensures they are issued on time to meet project requirements.
  • Coordinates requirements for building state certifications and maintains records to meet state requirements.
  • Supports the efforts to reduce cycle-time by exploring or reusing existing document control information.
  • Keys in building project-related data for a company-wide ERP system.

Work Environment

The DCS is required to be accessible to the clients via phone and email during normal business hours. There is no set “in-the-office” hour time as long as you can be reached via phone and email.

Physical Requirements

There are no physical requirements associated with this position.

Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree in Engineering preferred.
  • User knowledge and experience of Microsoft applications (Excel and Word)
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Strong oral and written skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • AutoCAD experience not required but a plus

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